ESG Planning & Management

Thermal Comfort Program

Thermal comfort is an essential aspect of environmental comfort. By ensuring that the thermal environment is within a comfortable range, it can promote occupant well-being, enhance productivity, and meet green building standards.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping is a method used to understand diversity in the thermal environment and calculate and visualize thermal comfort parameters. It can help identify areas of a unit that are not energy-efficient, allowing for targeted improvements that can reduce energy consumption and costs. Temperature mapping can also help to tailor to meet the specific needs of the occupant.

HVAC Troubleshooting, Repair and Installation

Luxen’s E&M team offers HVAC troubleshooting and diagnostics services to diagnose and fix common heating and cooling problems, including thermostat issues, regular maintenance inspections, air filter cleaning and replacement.

Temperature Sensors and IoT System

Temperature sensors with IoT systems provide real-time readings of temperatures, allowing the occupant to monitor …

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Solar Reflective Coating

Solar reflective coating reflects the sun’s rays away from a building’s surface, reducing the heat …

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