ESG Planning & Management

Water Quality Management

Luxen specializes in comprehensive water management solutions, prioritizing safety, conservation, and treatment. Our advanced disinfection products, including disinfection systems and smart meters, ensure pure and efficient water usage. The Water Saving Program, combined with Smart Meter Solutions, enables effective monitoring and management of water resources. Our UVC and Ozone Disinfection Treatments eliminate pathogens and enhance water quality. With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, Luxen provides tailored solutions for optimized water utilization and a safer, more sustainable future.

Water Saving Program

In pursuit of enhanced sustainability and efficiency in water utilization, the Water Saving Program, coupled with a Smart Meter Solution, presents a holistic strategy for monitoring, managing, and preserving water resources. Below is a comprehensive overview of the Water Saving Program.

Water Safety Program

Water is inherently non-sterile and may host bacterial organisms, such as Legionella, known to induce severe health complications and, in some cases, fatalities. Recent occurrences substantiate that Legionella is not confined by geographical boundaries or industry-specific limitations; outbreaks can manifest in various locations.

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