ESG Planning & Management

Waste Management

Luxen provides innovative solutions for efficient waste handling and cost savings. Through Luxen’s Smart Waste Program, we optimizes waste collection processes and ensures compliance with local regulations. We offer transparent billing data for property management companies, promoting cost accountability. Luxen also offers a comprehensive Construction Waste Management System that tracks materials and promotes sustainable practices. Additionally, we collaborate with experts in food waste management to enhance treatment processes and address challenges. With Luxen’s Waste Management service, organizations can achieve streamlined operations, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a greener future.

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Luxen’s Smart Waste Program, tailored to the Municipal Solid Waste Charge in Hong Kong, is an innovative service designed to optimize waste management and cost efficiency for businesses and communities in the region. Leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, our program streamlines waste collection processes, ensuring the responsible handling of waste in alignment with local regulations. Luxen’s Smart Waste Program supports property management companies by providing precise and transparent billing data, simplifying the process of charging tenants for waste management services. This transparency ensures accurate and straightforward tenant billing, promoting cost accountability and smooth financial operations.

Construction Waste Management

Luxen’s Construction Waste Management System is an efficient and comprehensive approach to managing the purchase, disposal, and recycling of construction materials. The system maintains a record of the purchase and disposal of construction materials, allowing for accurate tracking and analysis of waste generation. By analyzing this data, the system can provide valuable insights and estimates on the suggested quantities of construction materials for future projects, enabling better planning and resource allocation. Additionally, the system emphasizes the use of green products in construction. It records the selection and usage of environmentally friendly materials, promoting sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of construction activities in Hong Kong.

Food Waste Management

Luxen is collaborating with a specialist in food-waste management in Hong Kong, to enhance the performance of current food waste treatment for a Hong Kong property management company. The project aims to improve the performance of microorganisms in the current food waste treatment process and solve two problems: oils and grease build-up in pipes and sewer blockage and overflow. Luxen has laboratory support, and our team is finding the solution by many trials and experiments.

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