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Air Quality Management

Luxen offers a comprehensive air management solution that improves indoor air quality through cutting-edge products like indoor air quality sensors and air purifiers, alongside effective treatments such as nano-photocatalytic spraying and physical disinfection spraying. Our experienced team ensures tailored solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, prioritizing the well-being of occupants and creating healthier environments. Choose Luxen for exceptional air quality solutions and a positive impact on indoor spaces.

Nano-photocatalytic Spraying Treatment

It is a photocatalyst with a special composite visible technology and a diameter of approximately 5 to 10 nm. It breaks the limits of conventional photocatalysts and performs better than similar products on the market. In the dark, it captures organic compounds and odors, whereas with light, titanium dioxide catalyses the decomposition of harmful organic substances, germs and viruses. It operates 24 hours non-stop with long-lasting effects. The coating of a single spray can continue to perform its catalytic function under low/normal lighting.

Physical Disinfection Spraying Treatment

Our spray offers a breakthrough technology that provides continuous and self-sanitizing protection for up to 90-day effectiveness. The principle of the spray is to form a layer of covalently bonded bactericidal molecules around an organo-silicone polymer. This innovative formula uses microscopic pins technology to continuously kill over 99% of pathogens. The spray coating will not be damaged or peeled off by regular cleaning, and its anti-bacterial ability will not be affected by regular cleaning as well.

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